TS10: The CHOOSE LOVE Edition

TS10 Love

My friends, there are occasions around every twist and turn to choose fear. Let’s not. We can do better. In fact, if we want to affect positive change, revolutionary change, fear will not take us there. Only love can do that.

This week’s TS10 is inspired by two things. First, there is the reactionary fear that I have seen and sensed from so many in light of the recent events in Beirut and Paris. Second, there is the call to love that all of us needs to hear. As a Christian, it is upon me to choose love, specifically the “agape” love referred to in the New Testament, which is others-focused, compassionate love. So, as you listen to this playlist, may the love of God grab a hold of you and lead you to the courage you and I need to love well.


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