TS10: “18” Edition

Congratulations to Mr. Manning and the Fighting Osweilers! I am a blessed man. My bride is a big Peyton Manning fan and it was a joy sharing last night’s Super Bowl with her… and her tear-filled eyes. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, this week’s TS10 is in honor of the greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen, in my opinion of course.

A couple of notes about this week’s playlist:

  1. Flint Eastwood leads off this week. I’m just getting to know their music and they are pretty fresh. I recently downloaded some of their music off of Noisetrade and so glad I did.
  2. TS fave Heath McNease returns to the TS10 with his new single, the sassy and funky, Yasss!!!
  3. I had the chance to hear Idle Empress play on Saturday night here in Eau Claire. So much potential. Their vibe reminded me a bit of Adelyn Rose. Can’t wait to hear more from these folks.
  4. Another TS fave Brooke Waggoner returns this week, with Fink from her new release Sweven.

Put on those headphones and enjoy the latest version of the TS10! And, thanks for checking this out…


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