TS10: The Twisted Gut Edition


This morning, I watched CBS Sunday Morning with my wife and the focus of the entire show was guns and their place in American society and culture. Honestly, some of the content of the show made me sick. If I’m honest, I quite literally hate guns (sorry, gun loving friends). I just do. The love affair between gun enthusiasts and their weapons, as portrayed on CBS today, made me sick to my stomach. Hence, the “twisted gut…”

As I was reflecting upon this playlist this morning, I couldn’t help but recognize there are elements of it that make me uncomfortable. When it comes to music, I try to never shy away from what is uncomfortable, as such tends to challenge me and help me grow. Nevertheless, as I was putting this playlist together, there were times in which I felt that “twisted gut.”

And yet… and yet in the middle of that discomfort, which for me is rooted in societal ills and sin, I know there is hope. I know there is grace. There is redemption. And, as I have considered the songs in this week’s TS10, I have heard the glimpses of such throughout. Maybe, as you’re listening, God is inviting you to feel your own “twisted gut.” Perhaps, along with the inherent challenge and discomfort that will bring, he is also offering you hope, grace, and redemption (in fact, I know he is).

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