A Revolutionary TS10

Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress. -Gandhi

This playlist is a long time coming. I have found myself time and again in recent months feeling a deep restlessness… a roiling discontent that I cannot ignore. Something is terribly amiss. When I consider our presidential frontrunners, I see a dangerous egotist with fascist leanings and the seeming prototype of the consummate lying politician. If these are the two evils from which I must choose, I will defer. But why are we here? Why are these our current choices? Something is amiss…

This playlist is my heart’s response to this reality. Murder in the Big House by Chagall Guevara speaks of a house crumbling, a property condemned. Project 86’s Another Boredom Movement is their diatribe against the cookie cutter approaches within the music industry, a dynamic equalled in the political sphere… more politicians saying what they need to say to get elected with likely little intent to follow through… which leads to The Pretender (Foo Fighters):

Keep you in the dark
You know they all pretend
Keep you in the dark
And so it all began

Peter Gabriel’s Big Time should likely be Donald Trump’s life song. Seriously. “And my heaven will be a big heaven, and I will walk through the front door.” The hubris Gabriel described thirty years ago feels oddly prophetic and Trumpian right now.

These political dynamics and some Americans’ infatuation with Mr. Big Time can lead one to feel as though We Are Undone (Two Gallants). They lead me to a sense of desperation reminiscent of U2’s Bullet the Blue Sky. And they make me want to take some time to reflect, process, and Look Hard (picard) at how I should respond.

Desperation, restlessness, and discontent could drive me to give up, but I will not. Instead, I know God is inviting me (and you) to join The Resistance (Josh Garrels), more to the point, his resistance.

See the secret committees, commence with their meetings
To make red tape in response to simple questions
Questions that threaten the perception of a beneficial system
A pyramid scheme with its cogs and its pistons
Mechanization of men, making more and more
Live in a miserable existence

Look at the long line of make believe kings
And the lord of the flies wants you to kiss his ring
Follow new rules with invisible strings
And become a puppet in the diabolical scheme
How do good men become part of the regime
They don’t believe in resistance.

Hold fast like an anchor in the storm
We will not be moved

I will not choose despair. I will choose resistance. And I will do so, squarely anchored to the Rock that never fails and never moves. And standing on that foundation, I can determine to do something, and we can join in Arrested Development’s anthem, Let’s Build.

Friends, listen to this music. Let it take you where you need to go. And, let’s decide to stand together and build something new.

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