TS10: The “One of These Days” Edition

Tracy Bonham and her son, Selman. From Tracy Bonham’s Facebook page.

I just stepped out of my boy’s bedroom. It’s 10:16 and he’s just now, finally, falling asleep. And I sit here, as I write these words, with a full heart and grateful I get to be his daddy. He is a gift from God. Joshua came home with us when he was seven months old. He was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Not too long after we brought him home, I happened upon Tracy Bonham’s blog. I knew Bonham’s music from my college days. I listened to her The Burdens of Being Upright non-stop during the summer of 1996. For some reason, I decided to check out her blog that day and found that she had just brought home her own little Ethiopian gift, Selman. I sent her an email about our common road with adopting from Ethiopia, and she sent back a very nice response.

Now, more than five years later, I find myself on common ground with her again. As I listened to various songs as I was putting together this week’s TS10, I came upon her One of These Days, a beautiful song obviously devoted to her Selman. And, of course, I got all misty and stuff. Even tonight, as I finalized this playlist, it happened again.

Whether you are a parent or not, I believe it’s likely there’s an emotional touchpoint in these songs for you as well. So, throw on those headphones and take some time to listen… and let your heart engage with what you hear.

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