TS10: The Dream Lives Edition

I find it super easy, when I have an agenda or a bent, to find things to distract me from an obvious, uncomfortable truth. I think that instinct is fairly common. When I was a kid, I was around people (all the time) who did just that. One of them chose that path in the way they viewed the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The person holding onto that distraction was intentionally dismissing that positive impact, because she had a prejudiced agenda.

This person found it relatively easy to dismiss all of the incredible good Dr. King did during his entirely-too-short life. Why? Because of the alleged marital infidelities he engaged in. Now, I’m not here to say those things did or did not happen. It would seem there’s some pretty tight evidence they did. But, even if they did, they in no way diminish the deep impact Dr. King made on American society during his life.

More central to me, however, is that those potential moral lapses don’t take away the example he is to me, and many others, of someone who was willing to lay everything on the line for what he believed in. He was prepared to sacrifice his life for what’s right. Yep, he was imperfect. Me too. And yet his willingness to courageously lay down his life for others is not only Christ-like, but also emboldens me to be willing to do the same.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King. You were and are a distinct example of how us flawed human beings can rise above the noise of societal wrongs and personal frailties to change the world.

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