TS10: V-Eve Edition

Well, I was on my way to posting a new TS10 and then the curveball came. I was already going to call it the “V-Eve” Edition, but I was going out of my way to ignore the Valentine-ishness of this time of year. Truly, it’s one of my least favorite holidays, to be sure. However, as I was uploading the playlist I’d prepared for this week, a song came to mind: J.E. Sunde’s I’m Gonna Disappoint You from his Shapes that Kiss the Face of God album.

At first, I was inwardly giggling at the thought of using that song around Valentine’s Day. It’s all about how love isn’t all warm fuzzies. It’s work. It’s disappointment. It’s just hard sometimes. Yes, it can be fun and passionate and super swell, but there is as much heartache in love as there are fuzzies. As I considered these things, I realized that, here at the midnight hour (9:00 on Monday night), I needed to put together a different playlist, inspired by the mixed blessing of romantic love.

Here it is, friends. It is a blend of emotions, choices, desire, loyalty, and pain… a picture of ambivalence. Such is romantic love. Also, in the middle of all those conflicting pieces, the playlist ends with the beautiful Because We Are by The Autumn Film. It’s a story of someone who was burned by love… who was emotionally gutted by love. And then she finds a love that restores and heals.

For all you lovers out there, I wish you deep connection with those you love. I wish you all the good things that come with romantic love. And, I wish you healing for the wounds romantic love may have left on your heart and soul.

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