TS10: The White Dells Edition

My family and I have visited Wisconsin Dells several times over the years. However, I’m not sure we’ve ever been here in the middle of winter. I know it’s March, but it feels an awful lot like the middle of winter in Wisco right now. So, as I look outside the window of my deluxe luxury suite at the “8 Place” (as my son calls it), I see a new blanket of white covering the touristy magic that is the Dells. It’s a little weird. It’s also weird that there are like five other people in the Dells right now… Not used to that either. Regardless, we are going to have a great time (staying inside)!

As we traveled yesterday, I was still basking in the afterglow of hearing J.E. Sunde’s performance at the Lakely in Eau Claire last Friday night. So, so good. And, aside from his profound musical greatness, he also happens to be extremely entertaining in between songs. His dry humor was on full display, and in the wake of one of those dry comments, his bandmate Shane Leonard (also profoundly talented) added, as the audience chuckled, “You gotta love Jon. You haven’t loved until you’ve loved Jon.” Not sure what that means, but I probably agree. Not long after that interchange, Sunde finished his set with Wedding Ring from his latest, Now I Feel Adored. It was a fitting way to close the show (aside from the obligatory encore). Intense, beautiful, and infused with hope. This week’s TS10 ends on that same note.

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