TS10: Calibration

Off-center. It doesn’t take much to get there. Just a little compromise here, a poor choice there. There is a way each of us was designed to live. That way will not look exactly the same for every individual. We are all different, with different stories, talents, and personalities. Nevertheless, each of us is built to walk through life in a certain way. As much as we’d like to fool ourselves into thinking we are the ones who choose the way we should walk, that’s not the case at all. Certainly, we get to choose where we will step, but our choices don’t always line up with the way we were designed to walk. And when we step off of the path beaten for us, we do so at our own peril. We need course correction. In recent days, as I have considered these things, the predominant word in the forefront of my mind is calibration.

In my quality assurance experience, we used the term “calibration” to refer to the process of ensuring we were all seeing things the same way. We wanted to guarantee that every member of the team would grade the same issue in the exact same way every time. It was the right thing to do because it preserved the integrity of our work. This is the same process I am going through personally as I write these words, except that I am being calibrated, or coming in line, with how I was built to live. More specifically, I am realigning with the way God built me to operate. This calibration can be a weighty and sometimes painful process, but it is so good. The end result is greater joy, fulfillment, and significantly better quality of life.

As I was compiling this playlist last week, it was simply not coming together as I wanted. I had a totally different collection of songs than where I eventually landed. While all the songs in the original set were emotive, they were not in alignment with this theme of calibration which has impacted me so deeply of late. So, I scrapped what I had and selected songs/pieces which more accurately describe and, as I listen, enhance this process.

This week’s edition of the TS10 is overtly spiritual, and I make no apologies for that. If you’ve followed Tomme Suab over the years, you know I am a follower of Jesus. My goal in sharing this playlist is to share with you the pain and joy of this calibration process. Maybe, just maybe, you are in line for some calibration as well. Even if you don’t think that’s the case, I still invite you to listen and to let yourself be emotionally and intellectually provoked by what’s here.

Thanks for listening,


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