TS10: Khan Shaykhun Edition

This playlist was born in a specific moment. This morning, as I was looking through my Facebook feed, I came across the awful story of a chemical weapons attack in Syria. Dozens are dead, including children who were sleeping at the time of the cowardly attack. “In this most recent attack, dozens of children suffocated to death while they slept,” according to Ahmad Tarakji of the Syrian American Medical Society (as quoted on The Guardian’s site).

As I read that quote, it made me sick, and sad, and angry. Anger was the emotion of the aforementioned moment. I was so angry, and not at the perpetrators of this evil. I was angry at us, specifically us Americans. To an extent, it was directed at the church in America. I was angry at our ignorance of the Syrian situation. I was angry that we continue to allow this garbage to happen.

And then my anger turned inward. Because, when it comes down to it, I was angry at everyone else for the very same sin living in me. Forgive me, Lord. As I thought about my complicity in this sin, I remembered the song “Who We Are” by Gungor, which was featured on last week’s TS10. Last week, as I listened to that song, it turned my gut inside out.

In light of these events in Syria yesterday, that song calls out prophetically even more poignantly… As a follower of Jesus, will I and my fellow followers be “who we always said we are?” Will we?

This playlist is not happy. It’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to roil our innards. So, engage and be roiled, my friends. And may we rise up and be who we always said we are.

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