TS10: May Melancholia Edition

As I peer out my office window on the first day of May, all I see is grey. It is just a gloomy day. Fits my mood, honestly. The last few days have been full of melancholy. Not sure why as yet. There is a lot of transition happening in the life of my family these days. Good things. Literally all of them are good. But I think all this transition has me feeling a bit anxious and a little blue.

While these changes are all positive, like any change, they also involve loss. Loss equals grief. Maybe that’s where my heart is as I type these words. I’m not sure. However, I am certain of this… this week’s TS10 is an accurate representation of this mood. That wasn’t necessarily intentional. It’s simply a matter of me connecting with these songs emotionally. So then, all of the melancholy in these ten songs makes sense.

While I certainly don’t want to celebrate feeling “blue,” I also appreciate that feeling. I know it’s important. When grieving, it is the soul’s acknowledgment that something that was once important to you will no longer be the same… or will no longer exist at all. Engaging in that grief is a way to honor the people, relationships, and other good things we’ve lost.

Maybe you’re grieving today. Or, maybe you need to. Either way, I invite you to engage in the vibe of this week’s TS10.

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