TS10: The Day I Tried to Live

Admittedly, I was late to the game when it comes to appreciating the incredible talent that was Chris Cornell. Back when Soundgarden was in regular rotation on MTV, my sister introduced me to Spoonman, but I just wasn’t interested at that time (that’s another story for another time). When Cornell’s solo album, Euphoria Morning, came out back in the late 90s, a few of my friends raved about it and my mind was a little more open by that time, so I gave it a listen. Man… what an incredible creation that record is.  I still didn’t have my own copy (you know, back when we used to buy CDs) for several years afterward. When I finally did, I was completely hooked. That led me to getting a hold of Soundgarden’s A-Sides as well as Audioslave’s debut album. By that time, I was pretty well convinced that Chris Cornell brandished one of the most distinctive, and truly greatest, voices in rock music history.

Like so many, I was saddened when I heard of his death in recent days. I was further saddened to hear it was a suicide. I don’t know particulars about the demons that tormented this man. I know there are some pretty heavy and even dark themes in his music. Maybe his songs were one way he wrestled with those demons. Whatever the case, we lost an incredible artist. He will be missed.

This week’s playlist is inspired by Chris Cornell and his incredible artistry.

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