TS10: Eaux Claires “Unx”

I was pretty pathetic. Having evolved into quite a local music and indie music fan in the previous years, it felt criminal to me that I was unable to attend the first Eaux Claires festival in July of 2015. I still remember when the lineup was announced. So many bands I dig… Sturgill Simpson, Aero Flynn, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens… the list just went on and on. But, for a variety of reasons, I could not attend. And, it was killing me.

When the days of the festival actually arrived, I was flying solo with my boy while my wife was working. I was so pitiful that I actually took Joshua on a ride which took us by the festival grounds both nights. I was hoping to hear something, to soak in something of the vibe. I never heard anything and the parking lot was as close as I was going to get. Again, pitiful… pathetic.

When the opportunity arose to get a ticket for the second festival in 2016, I was all over it. And, there was/is no looking back. EXC2 rocked my world. For real. It took me weeks to recover emotionally. And now, Eaux Claires has just become a part of life for me. I’ll do what I can to attend every year going forward.

The “Troix” edition of Eaux Claires is upon us in less than three weeks. To celebrate, the TS10 will be EXC-centric today and for the next two Mondays. This week, bands who played in 2015 are featured. Although I wasn’t able to attend, these are some of the musicians I would have taken in two summers ago had I been able to attend.

Next Monday, TS will feature ten of the artists that messed me up at last year’s festival. The following Monday, on the week of the third annual Eaux Claires, will feature artists from the upcoming edition.

So, take a listen,  take it in, and if you can get to Eaux Claires Troix in just a few short days, make it happen, Cap’n.

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