TS10: 09252017

Have you ever had mixed emotions about something? The fancy word for that would be ambivalence. A common scenario for ambivalence is when we face major life transitions. Many times, you may be really excited about where you’re going, but really sad about where you’re leaving, all at the same time. Anger, sadness, happiness, excitement… you can feel all these emotions at the same time about the same thing. Crazy, eh?

One of the aspects of putting these playlists together that is meaningful to me is that the vast majority of them are a mix of genres, styles, tempos, and overall feels. This one is no different. No matter what you’re feeling, even if you’re feeling a bunch of things at the same time, there is likely something here that you can feel, that resonates with you, that maybe, just maybe, if you let it, can lead you into a deeper awareness of what’s happening inside you.

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