TS10: Indigenous Peoples Day

I’m proud of my city tonight. Eau Claire has officially, legally resolved to observe Indigenous Peoples Day on what has traditionally been known as Columbus Day. It is a very small, but welcome, step toward justice in light of how Columbus and his folks treated the indigenous peoples of the “West Indies.” I believe God smiles as he considers this act.

While this change is reason for celebration, there is still much to make right and much to lament. Such is the nature of seeking God’s kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. There will be victories to celebrate, injustices to confront, and historical events to lament… all at the same time.

As you listen to this week’s TS10, once again you are invited to engage deeply and let the music take you places intellectually and emotionally, maybe places of celebration and/or lament.

Thank you for being here in this moment.


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