Tomme: a Norwegian word meaning “clear”

Suab: a Hmong word meaning “sound” or “noise”

Tomme Suab began as an effort to help promote music and musicians from the Chippewa Valley. It has evolved into a platform for connecting people with the power of music overall, still emphasizing the immense talent found in western Wisconsin.

There are healing elements in the arts. There is something special, even holy, about self-expression and creativity. Human beings were wired to be creative, to build, to express. When we engage in the arts, either in the creation of art or appreciation of art, we become more fully human. So, Tomme Suab is focused on helping its readers connect with music they may not have heard before. But, more importantly, it is focused on helping readers connect with the emotionality of music and the power of self-expression. Hopefully, your time here will leave you inspired, challenged, and more aware of your own emotions.

Thanks for stopping by! If you like what you’ve experienced here and would like others to experience it too, please share the site with your friends and family and “Like” us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tommesuab) and follow us on Twitter (@tommesuab).

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