Welcome to Tomme Suab! I don’t know why you’re here, whether it’s to get more information about the Tomme Suab Radio Hour, to read more about an artist of interest, to engage in one my ramblings or rants, or for some other reason. Regardless of the “why”, I’m glad you’re here. In case you’re wondering what “here” is…

Tomme Suab was born in 2013 as a result of my exposure to the incredible music of artists with roots in the Chippewa Valley in western Wisconsin and national/regional indie artists through NoiseTrade, a web platform in which artists trade their music for the downloader’s email address. The initial vision was to promote the music of the Valley. That vision inspired the name Tomme Suab. Tomme is the Norwegian word for “clear” (an homage to the Valley’s Norwegian cultural heritage) and Suab is the Hmong word for “sound” (to honor the cultural influence of the Hmong population here). Therefore, Tomme Suab is “clear sound,” expressed in a specifically Chippewa Valley sort of way (even though I likely pronounce both words incorrectly…).

Over time, I realized this effort wasn’t really about just promoting local music. For me, it went deeper than that. Music makes me feel stuff. It affects me emotionally every time I allow myself to engage with it on that level. That dynamic eventually informed the focus and purpose of Tomme Suab: to connect people with the emotionality of music. You can read more about all that on the Mission page. Tomme Suab, at least in my eyes, is more than a blog. I see it as an avenue toward healing and deeper peace.

Practically, it is a place in which you’ll see weekly playlists including a wide variety of artists. You’ll also see an album review here and there, artist profiles/interviews, and the occasional promotion of local events. Behind the scenes, and I get really excited about this, I love connecting artists with each other, potential fans, local venues, and such. And, I love trying to facilitate non-local artists coming to play here in the Valley. All of this is oriented around that purpose of helping us all experience a deeper level of peace (shalom).

So, in the proverbial nutshell, that’s what this is. Again, thank you for being here. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.


Ed Hudgins, Founder

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