TS10: The Paisley and Purple Edition

Like so many others, I was saddened to hear about the passing of music icon and Minnesota native, Prince. I grew up listening to his music. I still remember when he broke on the national scene with Little Red Corvette and 1999 over 30 years ago. I was in Junior High when Purple Rain was released. I was too young to watch the movie (although I’m finally in the midst of watching it now all these years later), but I sure did get to know the music. The uniqueness of When Doves Cry still impacts me today. It didn’t sound … Continue reading TS10: The Paisley and Purple Edition

TS10: The Let’s Dance Edition

I was saddened to learn of David Bowie’s death this morning. He was a pioneer and an incredible artist. I was exposed to his brilliance for the first time in the early 80s with China Girl, Let’s Dance, and Modern Love. Over the years, I’ve gone deeper with Mr. Bowie, going back into Space Oddity and Under Pressure (my wife’s favorite Bowie song). And then there’s his collaboration with Bing Crosby on Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth. We lost an icon in Mr. Bowie. This TS10 playlist is devoted to his memory and his art. -Ed Continue reading TS10: The Let’s Dance Edition