A Revolutionary TS10

Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress. -Gandhi This playlist is a long time coming. I have found myself time and again in recent months feeling a deep restlessness… a roiling discontent that I cannot ignore. Something is terribly amiss. When I consider our presidential frontrunners, I see a dangerous egotist with fascist leanings and the seeming prototype of the consummate lying politician. If these are the two evils from which I must choose, I will defer. But why are we here? Why are these our current choices? Something is amiss… This playlist is my heart’s response to this reality. Murder … Continue reading A Revolutionary TS10

TS10: The Peter Cetera Edition

When I was a young’un, not many movies caught my attention like The Karate Kid. I am a firm proponent of Miyagi Do karate. In fact, last Tuesday, as I lay sick on my couch, I indulged in it once again. Once again, I celebrated that Daniel-san was truly “the best around.” This was a great primer for Valentine’s Day, because who is the first singer you think about on Valentine’s Day? Peter Cetera, of course. And why? Because of that beautiful ballad he shared with the world as a part of the soundtrack for The Karate Kid II. Seriously… I am a … Continue reading TS10: The Peter Cetera Edition

TS10: The Let’s Dance Edition

I was saddened to learn of David Bowie’s death this morning. He was a pioneer and an incredible artist. I was exposed to his brilliance for the first time in the early 80s with China Girl, Let’s Dance, and Modern Love. Over the years, I’ve gone deeper with Mr. Bowie, going back into Space Oddity and Under Pressure (my wife’s favorite Bowie song). And then there’s his collaboration with Bing Crosby on Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth. We lost an icon in Mr. Bowie. This TS10 playlist is devoted to his memory and his art. -Ed Continue reading TS10: The Let’s Dance Edition

picard: A Mixture of Discontent and Melodic, Driving Rock

picard is a project initiated by Jason Ulwelling in 2011 that has grown into a full-blown collaborative effort (including Brad Hanson and Eric Giardina, and various other influences and musicians), resulting in the release of the band’s first album (appropriately entitled “#1”) earlier this year. Style-wise, it’s hard to classify picard as anything more specific than “rock.” Some of their songs are edgy/harder. I can easily hear some grunge influence in several of the songs, as well as elements of epic rock story-telling (especially in “Ed”), like you might hear in classics like Queen or Led Zeppelin. Now, I’m not … Continue reading picard: A Mixture of Discontent and Melodic, Driving Rock